Saturday, May 12, 2012

Your Day:Your Reasons

Your Day:Your Reasons 

 Every morning, you jumpstart your day.. 
gleaming in a good night's sleep,
 Looking forward to a new beginning foreseen.. 
A beautiful sunrise filled with a new promise, 
you soon realize what this all is! 
Not of a new season or a new month, 
But of a new reason and an everyday new sun! 
Refreshing yourself and reminiscing in yesterday's talks, 
searching for a new find...
jotting down your likes, pouring out your heart and mind. 
Describing yourself, decoding your thoughts and deciphering your actions... 
   Life is a journal...records every day gone by, 
and leaves empty pages to be filled with all your heart's desires! 
Basking in old memories and new dreams, 
glowing in your own shine and a new realm!
It's funny the games your mind plays, 
It's on a more promising track every single day! 
You maketh your thoughts and your days, 
swinging and swaying your own way!! 
Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans, 
and then you understand why everything doesn't work out and why something has!! 

 May 4 2pm

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