Thursday, November 24, 2011

Lost until found...

In there,underneath somewhere..
Where no eyes can peek, where only your heart speaks..
There, where in it tells you what it wants..
There, where it shares how it feels..
Dances when it sees you happy,
Gets upsets when it sees your fear,
Tears apart when you shed your tears..
Opens up to those who seem real...
Lasting a lifetime, it sees so much,
With every little fall, it learns so much..
How many stories does it have to be a part of,
Until it reaches a love story, which it is meant for?

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LeoPaw said... [Reply]

Lovely... Simple and yet so deep..

ayesha said... [Reply]

@LeoPaw Thankyou :)

Anonymous said... [Reply]

hey ayesha..this is such a lovely poetry..ur simple words make it easy to understand..i hv nominatd u for an award..

ayesha said... [Reply]

@zradar thankyou for reading and also for the nomination :)

Ankur Anand said... [Reply]

simple and lovely .. loved ur way of poetry ..

☂☆ Vållῐ ★♬ said... [Reply]

That was so neat....Very nicely written :)

Shilpi Dutta said... [Reply]

sweet n crisp.. like ur expression :-)

ayesha said... [Reply]

@☂☆ Vållῐ ★♬ thankyou :)

ayesha said... [Reply]

@Shilpi Dutta thankyou for the read :)

ayesha said... [Reply]

@Ankur Anand thankyou

bulbulvish said... [Reply]

lovely poetry..goes straight to the heart..^__^

ayesha said... [Reply]

Thankyou for the read Bulbulvish :) I'm glad it touched your heart

Mizna - A Desert Cloud said... [Reply]

Ur poetry is a parah or two but dey speak millions!!

ayesha said... [Reply]

Whoa I'm glad you feel this way :D

Amruta Marwah said... [Reply]

Message is beautifully conveyed with a lot of simplicity...

ayesha said... [Reply]

@Amruta Marwah
thankyou :D

shreya said... [Reply]

The poem is too touchy and it really touched my heart. Loved it. keep posting with lots more.

ayesha said... [Reply]

So glad you liked it :)

Adrina Lima said... [Reply]

Nice site. Great collection
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Anmol said... [Reply]

Nice Website...Good Collection

Daniel Roy said... [Reply]

Enjoyed reading this one a lot! Great writing:) DRKwritespoetry

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