Saturday, December 18, 2010

In My Silence...

In my silence, I know who I really am!
In my silence, I know what I believe in.
In my silence, I make promises to myself.
In my silence, I accept who I am.
In my silence, I forgive myself.
In my silence, I make new dreams.
In my silence, every good is mine.
In my silence, I talk to me.
In my silence, I run in avenues.
In my silence, I fly with the breeze.
In my silence, I sync my mind and heart.
In my silence, nothing pulls me apart.
I'm my silence, silence is peace and i trust it; I know it's me!
18dec 2:3-2:5am

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Anonymous said... [Reply]

Whosoever you are, you're damn good with words. Beautiful poem that!

ayesha said... [Reply]

Thankyou so much :) :D

Anonymous said... [Reply]

:) SOMETHING UN MUSICAL ABOUT IT. I like :) Thanks for writing :)

ayesha said... [Reply]

Thank for reading :)

Piyush said... [Reply]

Not a great follower of poems but for a change enjoyed reading it..


ms-cube said... [Reply]

this poem reminded me about the song ENJOY THE SILENCE.

words like violence, break the silence, words are meaningless unforgettable.

Interesting composition of words. Nice poem Ayesha! :-bd

Manasa said... [Reply]

Your words have the license, to keep me engaged and maintain my silence!!

ayesha said... [Reply]

@Manasa wow! Thanks a lot Manasa :)

Leo said... [Reply]

I echo this completely! So beautiful, and wonderful. This is the second time I'm here today, and I'm glad to have been. My favorite was the line about making new dreams! :)

Leo @ I Rhyme Without Reason

ayesha said... [Reply]

Thank you so much for dropping by and liking my poems :)

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