Saturday, July 3, 2010


FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION to me means everything!
My choice,my opinion,my suggestion,my expression!
What is an individual without the freedom to express one self?
Rather be bold,be smart and be able to speak for yourself.
Respect the person you are and stand for yourself,
fight for your rights,get what you deserve and be where you belong!
Sighing and plotting will get you no where,
sit with peace,have a relaxing life and reach new heights!

Had written this for a contest,and yes i won :D

-june 1st 2010

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Thursday, July 1, 2010

'Reflect the mirrors'

'Reflect the mirrors'

know it's wrong?
know it shouldn't be done?
Why is it that one doesn't understand?
Why is it that One doesn't take a stand?
Lilacs and purples,blues and grays,
Pinks and whites,black and white!
Waves hitting the shores,harder at every go..
Wind hitting the face,stronger at every blow..
Why is it so?
Can't the other see it?
Why isn't it clear?
Life is too short to build hatred,
Life is too short to meet good people..
Share a laugh and talk life,meet new lives,
Talk like there's no tomorow,share your lifetime,share your
horrors,share your thoughts,reflect the mirrors and see your today and
tomorow :)

30june 11:50 pm

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