Sunday, May 30, 2010

An ode to my mother

My Beautiful Mom
IF you hadn't taught me!
If you hadn't taught me to reverse my inverted alphabets,
I could never be good enough to read and write...
If you hadn't been patient with my clumsiness,
I'd never learn to grasp anything right!
If you hadn't given me the right advice,
I'd never know how it feels to be good in your own eyes!
It takes a big heart to be a caring,so loving,so brave,so inspiring!
THANK YOU mom for everything! :)

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Jay said... [Reply]

Hi from the ABC Wednesday team! Thank you for taking part (I assume the link here is 'thank you') but could you please add a link back to the ABC Wednesday blog? It helps everyone taking part to find each other, and it's a courtesy to Denise, who hosts the meme.

I do like your poem. It's thought-provoking and something perhaps we should all remember!

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