Monday, April 13, 2009

final goodbye

Passing through the college corridors, felt like something was pulling me,
Deep inside a desire to stay back, was taking control over me…
Wanted to stay back as long as I could,
Wish the last exam lasted for ever, I know it never would!
Didn’t realize how time passed away so quickly,
Never felt this way before, it’s not going to heal easily…
Laughing,giggling,talking,chatting,gossiping,may all sound the same,
But that heartfelt happiness will never be the same..
Sigh..College life waved a final goodbye,
My heart is so heavy now,Its full of sorrow,
Nothing can turn back time now,
Its gone for ever ,leaving with it hopes for a brand new tomorrow!

7pm 13/04/09

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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

love:a poem by an amateur poet and my reply :p

my friend wrote:
i still love love but love doesn't love me..
still miss love but love doesn't miss me.
.i still cry for love but love doesn't cry for me..
why is love so painful..
why is love so vulnerable..
why is love not mine..

my reply:
your heart wrote this,not your mind,
u said u can't make a poem,u said u can't rhyme!
u have a heart that beats too for a loved one,
your heart weeps for him,it wants to hold onto someone
someone so special,someone so beloved
u can do anything for him,alas!you've turned into a poet

9 31pm 30th march monday

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