Thursday, January 22, 2009

‘Sparkling friendship’

With our fun times and lovely moments, we’ve come a long way,
We’ve earned memories which none can steal from us and times that’ll bring alive every day.
Our naughty nature struck the right chord and at the right time
And we came together, ‘coz with each other our lives rhyme.
From being fun partners, to doing pigeon commentary, to troubling others,to getting caught, throwing surprises,to laughing silly, To disturbing is it not, to binding our friendship with a strong knot,
We’ve done so much, we’ve gone far but sure there’s to be done lots! Is it not??
We always stand up for each other and when required we act foxy ,
Sure we do! Tini(vedika) doesn’t mind calling herself nicy for proxy!
Pooja always ends up in a fix,
She’s not to blame ‘coz Amu and Ayesha do the trick ;)
Rani, don’t worry you’ll always find us laughing,
either at your jokes or at your hogging: p
dilpreet has also been a partner in our crimes,
only she worries too much about sinking and low attendance times.
It was all God’s plan I guess- He Knit us into one story,
Otherwise how would 7 crazy chicks come close and shine to glory?
We’ll always cherish the fun times we’ve had together,
And we’ll always be there for each other forever and ever!

7 35pm 13th January tuesday

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