Wednesday, August 20, 2008

An unborn's cry~

what do i see?
the world around is so bad..
what doi see,
i dont want to see the misery around!
what should i hear,
i hear of bombs and scary sounds all the time!
i dont want to be amongst people who are fighting all the time..
people who are hungry for their own blood,fighting for a penny and a dime!
hatred in their eyes i see..
will it end up being for me?
whom can i call my friend?
who can i put my trust in?
what if things turn against me ?
what if i cant cope up with the outside world?
what if i'm tagged as a loser?
will there be somebody to hear me out,
or will someone leave me to scream and shout?
what if i come out there and find nobody near me?
will i then be tagged as unlucky or a mere number lying in an infantry?
how i wish to see a beautiful world out there..
where i can find happiness and serinity everywhere..
i may not know of it now...
but will poverty or hunger bring me down?
will the hatred eat me?
or will love and peace win me over?
what will the outside world be???
6:20 pm 19th August,Tuesday '08

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