Friday, June 27, 2008

when things don't go my way...

How i hate it when things don't go my way,
feel like shouting loud and screaming all day!
could beat some one hard,
could speak things which mind always barred!
could throw things here and there
and then throw some more...
aaaarrggghhh!!!this happens not so much,
but when it happens i can't take it along!
life doesn't go the way you want it to,
but maybe things happen for they are good for you!
whatever it may be,i wish things could always go my way,
i wish life asks me before it takes me its way!

friday 27th june 2008
10 12 pm- 10 13 pm

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Opportunities come knocking by....

There's so much one wishes to do in life,
sing,dance,have fun and jive.
Some make it big,
others say life stinks!
Lots end up cursing fate,
others feel its never too late!
Opportunities come knocking your door every day,
you have to grab them and make them go your way.
Life may or may not give you a second chance,
think positive,grab it and give no second glance.
Don't wait for others to push you,
your life is yours,don't wait for others to please and plead you!
You know whats best for you,
so lead yourself and stop following the many few...
If you think you are good,
you'll end up being the best!
If you think you are nothing but a big looser,
don't blame life,you were the chooser!
Take decisions for yourself,
you know whats best for you..
Grab every opportunity that comes knocking by,
for you are one of the lucky few!

26th june 2008,
9 54 pm,thursday
raining and wrote the poem in candle light(no current :p)

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