Friday, May 23, 2008

Run with life!

Run with your arms wide open,
run with speed and tears unfrozen...
let the wind gush behind you,
run,and embrace the sun thats running with you.
Run,not from your worries and troubles..
run..for you have to muster courage to fight every struggle!
Laugh while you run,
cry while you run..
let emotions run wild!
feel what you are,
feel what you can,
run,run as fast as you can!!
When your heart starts glowing,
when your smile starts laughing,
then is the time to shout and say..i have the courage to run the race of life!!

May 17th saturday 1:20 am
This poem and the one below were written at around 1 am!i thought of these lines while trying to sleep and then rushed to get a book and a pen to write it down..its kinda crazy but this is how i come up with poems most of the here goes....

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bharathi ! said... [Reply]

gud diction!hmmmm u can take up writing as a proff ya,,!! awesum... i noe most ideas r at wierd time 1 am:P:P:):)lolz... keep writin coz i wait 2 read ur verses!

ayesha said... [Reply]

hey thank you bharathi..thats quite a big compliment..thank you :D

Readitt said... [Reply]

Laugh while you run,
cry while you run..
let emotions run wild!

nice lines,, they made me join your site - the e magazine -

ayesha said... [Reply]

@Readitt Thankyou so much :D

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