Saturday, May 31, 2008

Me,My Friends and Foes!

I'll be your friend,
if you promise to be my friend forever..
I'll be frank and polite to you,
if you are never ever rude to me..
I promise i'll never look back again,
if you backstab me!
I am forgiving too,
but if you've gone far,i'll forever lose my trust in you!
I can be your best friend,if you behave like one,
and can be your biggest foe,if you try to become one!
I'm not harsh,nor am i rude,
but if you think i am a punching bag,you're getting me wrong dude(tte)!
I'll share every talk with you,
i'll cry every tear with you,
i'm not sure if you will,
but i'm sure i'll always stand up for you!
Its okay if you don't care for me as much as i care for you,
but don't take this as granted for long,you know its not true !:p
I'll cherish all the fun we have,
i'll record every moment passing by..
I'll smile back at you and try to make you laugh,
i'll dream with you and make all the dreams last!
I've got my own attitude,and you've got yours,
but if something goes wrong,your attitude will not last.....
hahaha...this poem isn't meant to scare my friends,
but this is a poem that draws the line between my foes and friends!!
Those who know me well,will surely agree,
that i am like this and thats the way i'll be!!

30 may 2008,friday,10:20 pm

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Friday, May 23, 2008

Run with life!

Run with your arms wide open,
run with speed and tears unfrozen...
let the wind gush behind you,
run,and embrace the sun thats running with you.
Run,not from your worries and troubles..
run..for you have to muster courage to fight every struggle!
Laugh while you run,
cry while you run..
let emotions run wild!
feel what you are,
feel what you can,
run,run as fast as you can!!
When your heart starts glowing,
when your smile starts laughing,
then is the time to shout and say..i have the courage to run the race of life!!

May 17th saturday 1:20 am
This poem and the one below were written at around 1 am!i thought of these lines while trying to sleep and then rushed to get a book and a pen to write it down..its kinda crazy but this is how i come up with poems most of the here goes....

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Feel,for u can!

Feel the innocence of your smile,
feel the spark in your eyes.
Feel the depth of your heart,
feel the spark in your heart.
Be happy when you feel....
be it touch,be it sound,be it all...
Be happy that you can feel!
Feel the story of the untold tears,
feel the mysteries your heart can clear..
feel the chuckle,feel the laugh,
feel the sorrow,feel the dark!
You feel sorry for someone,
you feel happy for others,
a feeling can create a bond,
a feeling doesn't last very long!
open up your senses,wash them today...
feel the happiness in your life,
feel...feel it today!!

May 17th saturday 1:10am

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