Monday, April 21, 2008

Start Afresh

Stop running from life,
look back and see!its calling you its way...
Brush away your trouble,forget about the past,
think about times yet to come,and let them last.
Pave way for a better tomorrow,
stop regretting on the by gone sorrow,
for time once gone by,will never come back again,
remember:what you had(experience) is yours forever,
what you can have,can slip away and come back never!
Refresh yourself and
start afresh today,
mould yourself into someone new today!
Look forward to a bright new future.....
kiss the sun and reach new heights,
hold on tight to a new life,
leave behind no regrets,and say:
here i come life,
wish me all the best!!

11 45 pm-11 50 pm,20th april 2008, sunday

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zehra said... [Reply]

Beautiful!!!!Very thought provoking poem...Have to read this everyday...Keep up..Zehra

bharathi ! said... [Reply]

its amazin!! 2 motivating... specially 4 ppl lyk me who get pissed off vry fast!!! gud work ayesha!!

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