Thursday, April 3, 2008

the last day of exams

the sem 4 exams got over today and ive written this poem sometime back........(9 10 pm )

Done with exams,
donno what to do,
thinking about how they were,
they were bad,thats true!!
The results pave to the final year,
oh my gosh!THE FINAL YEAR is so near!
Me in a different class,
sigh!not with my friends.......
Only two more 'sems' to go,
then wonder where we'll all go!
I'll miss having my friends around,
i'll miss having fun plenty bound.
Time runs out fast...
I want these to forever,last.
I wish to enjoy every moment of college life,
together with friends to party and jive!!

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Swathi said... [Reply]

kewl job dudette :) it's true dat u make ur frenz happy when u rite poems for 'em..keep it up..

vedika said... [Reply]

its really a very nice poem and very turee...:)

amrita said... [Reply]

This poem is direct from heart true and simple..keep it up...keep writing more..

rani said... [Reply]

hey its 2 good
keep it up
dedicate some poems on me

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