Monday, April 21, 2008

Start Afresh

Stop running from life,
look back and see!its calling you its way...
Brush away your trouble,forget about the past,
think about times yet to come,and let them last.
Pave way for a better tomorrow,
stop regretting on the by gone sorrow,
for time once gone by,will never come back again,
remember:what you had(experience) is yours forever,
what you can have,can slip away and come back never!
Refresh yourself and
start afresh today,
mould yourself into someone new today!
Look forward to a bright new future.....
kiss the sun and reach new heights,
hold on tight to a new life,
leave behind no regrets,and say:
here i come life,
wish me all the best!!

11 45 pm-11 50 pm,20th april 2008, sunday

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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Happy birthday!

Your smile shows the warmthness of your heart,
your eyes express what you really are,
you bring happiness to all those around you,
your presence is very precious and its true!
Your shining nature fades away the gloom,
your very presence enlightens the room.
One-of-a-kind uniqueness is what you stand for,
your beauty and smartness is definitely to praise for.
You talk a lot!..a lot i must say,
but every word spoken is a sparkling star of wisdom they say!
You've always been someone whom i look up to...
and deeply admire too..
so today is a special day ,
i wish you a happy birthday!
I hope you reach great heights in life,
I wish you the very best in life.
I wish things work out great for you,
I wish the very best for you.
I wish you happiness forever,
I wish you a super-duper,fantastic,fabulous life ahead...
I wish you all in all,a great and super special birthday,
that brings all the above wishes true,very soon someday :)

12th April 08 Saturday 10 48 pm- 10 54 pm

The reply that my sis gave:

Thank you So much! The best gift i have received.I am actually going to print it out and put in my cube!!!!! I was so touched.You made my day!!!

i really love this comment that a community owner on orkut gave:(im nt a self-praiser but i'd love to mention it here :p):
a very beautiful poem Ayesha... and of course, because it's for your Sister's Birthday, it sounds truly genuine and from the heart... i especially like your lines:
"You talk a lot!..a lot i must say,
but every word spoken is a sparkling star of wisdom they say!"

isn't that so true when it comes to sibling relations, that sometimes we do talk to much or too often with our bro's and sis's, but what would we do without them, right?
very nice and sweet poem... my only question is, did you give this poem to your Sis for her B-day? if you did, she must've really liked it i'm sure! :)

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You know you have it in you,
you know you can take this through...
You know you are truly blessed,
and not less than the rest!
You often fear from others,
and shy away your pain...
You let loose your courage ,
and let fear take it away.
For a bright future awaits your way,
be strong and face the world today!
For you have it in you,
and you know its true!
So stop worrying and take control,
love your life and fear no more...
Show it to the world,
how great it feels to be in your shoes!!
And i know friend,
you will definitely make it through!!

13th February 2008 Wednesday 9 40 am

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Saturday, April 12, 2008


Dream of vibrant colors,
dream of sparkling stars,
dream of glory and victory,
dream of success at your palm!
Dream on my friend,
for dreams will take you,
where you've never been,
they will take you places you haven't yet seen...
....sparkling stars and glittery sky,
your dreams will come true as time passes by...
Courage will take you places,
and fear will snatch it away!
Don't hide your dreams in a blanket,
unravel them &
start working on them today!!

13th feb 2008 wednesday 9 30 am(raining)

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Thursday, April 3, 2008

the last day of exams

the sem 4 exams got over today and ive written this poem sometime back........(9 10 pm )

Done with exams,
donno what to do,
thinking about how they were,
they were bad,thats true!!
The results pave to the final year,
oh my gosh!THE FINAL YEAR is so near!
Me in a different class,
sigh!not with my friends.......
Only two more 'sems' to go,
then wonder where we'll all go!
I'll miss having my friends around,
i'll miss having fun plenty bound.
Time runs out fast...
I want these to forever,last.
I wish to enjoy every moment of college life,
together with friends to party and jive!!

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