Monday, March 3, 2008

a poem describing a friend

I write a poem for someone when im moved by them and i wrote this for vedika...:)

"Sitting in class
with her hair hiding her ears....
shes doing nothing but listening to music dear!!
she doesn't care whether her attendance is low or high...
and she has only one thing on her mind-"RACE,RACE,RACE"
and always says
"i need more time!!!"
she is fun too be with....
shes naughty and irritating...!
but dare anybody touch her wrong side,
she turns wild and agitating!!!
i know people don't look beyond her height and hair....
but she definitely has a heart,
that oh so nice and fair...
she has lots of bones
n less of mass...
but she is a super lovely friend and a sweetheart!!!
shes my friend Vedika Tibrewala......!!!!"

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artistofexpression said... [Reply]

loved it!!!!!
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