Monday, March 3, 2008

An ode to a divine personality

i had written this poem for my psychology ma'am...shes a very special teacher!!though her classes only lasted for 3 months,shes had a very strong influence on me :)

An angel in disguise…
A beauty so divine…
An ever-enduring smile…
A beautiful soul.
All these describe “YOU” the best,
“YOU” are different from the rest!!
We all are your very big fan,
“YOU” are our beloved Tina Ma’am!!
“YOU” come in the class with glamour and sheen,
and lock the door by nine-fifteen!!
“YOU” come all prepared for the class
and the time runs out sooo damn fast!
It’s a wonder how “YOU” manage so well…
Maybe it’s your smile that takes you far…
Or maybe your cheerful nature…
Or the beautiful soul within “YOU”!
Your charming looks calm us down
Every word “YOU” speak is worth giving a crown!
“YOU” help us when we are stressed and full of doubt…
“YOU” smile at us and ease us out!
“YOU” touch the soul within us …
and make us feel oh so special!!
Every moment spent with “YOU” is always a pleasure,
Which we’ll forever treasure!!
All the days spent with “YOU” ma’am, have changed our lives,
Have made us a better friend,
A better daughter and a better human…
And have given us a very memorable chapter of our life!!

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Merena said... [Reply]

Wow..! I never knew dis poetic side of you Aysh..
grt goin sweethart!! :)

Lawrencia said... [Reply]

People should read this.

ayesha said... [Reply]

thanks lawrencia :)

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